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Septic Services

DJ'S Has Been A leading Septic System Contractor in the Victoria, B.C. Area For Over 30 Years. I began working for myself in 1989 and have developed extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas. Now with multiple ROWPS (registered onsite wastewater practitioners) on staff we're ready to take on any septic project. Let our experts guide you through the entire process, we're committed to making sure we give 110 percent to each job we take on, while also being environmentally responsible. Contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation today. Also check out some of our work below

septic systems

Septic Design

The First Step Of Designing A Septic System Is A Onsite Investigation And Soil/Perc Testing, We Meet With The Home Owner Or Builder, To Discuss The Job Site And Future Plans And Uses Of The Property As well As The Topography So We Can Avoid Seasonal Runoff Or Areas Prone To Potential Flooding and Saturation Issues As Well As Setbacks From Property Lines, Foundations, Lakes, Oceans, Rivers And Drainage Ditches. This Helps Determine The Best Place For A New Disposal/Septic Field Area.

After A Proposed Area Is Determined, We Begin Digging Holes To Determine The Sites Soil Conditions. We Are Looking To Determine The Depth, Type And Quality Of Soil We Are Dealing With So We Can Determine They Best Type Of System For The Site,  As All Sites Are Different. Next Multiple Perc Hole Are Dug And Filled With Water And Timed As They Drain. This Helps Determine A Hydraulic Loading Rate Of The Soil.

Now With This Information We Can Determine What Type Of System Is Needed And How Big It Needs To Be, Based Off The Number Of Bedrooms and Suites, This Is Called The Daily Design Flow. The Average Home Has A DDF Of 300-500 Gallons Per Day(Actual Flows Should Be Less Than 50% Of The DDF) For Example If A Daily Design Flow Is 500GPD, We Need 3 Days Of Retention For The Septic Tank, Meaning A 1500 Gallon Tank Is Needed. Now To Determine The Size Of The Pump Chamber, For This We Need 1 Day Of Retention So A 500 Gallon Pump Tank Would Be Needed.

Different Types Of Systems, These Are referred To As Type 1,2,3. Type 1 Being A Septic Tank Pump Chamber And Disposal Field. Type 2 Being A Septic Tank, Treatment Plant, Pump Chamber And A Disposal Field. Type 3 Systems Are Very Similar To Type 2 But Go 1 Step Further Usually Involving UV Lights For Further Disinfection. Type 1,2 Systems Are Designed By ROWPS. Type 3 Systems Are Needed When Critical Setbacks Can't Be Met And Are Usually Designed With And Engineer.

For New Home Construction And Home Additions The Municipality With Require A Septic System Design To Be Submitted To VIHA To Obtain A Building Permit For You To Proceed With Construction.


Treatment Plants Are Good Option When A Type 1 Disposal Field Design Doesn't Fit In The Proposed Field Area Due To Set Backs Or Other Factors Like A Small Building Lot. Now With A Type 2 Treatment Plant We Can Reduce The Size Of The Field By 50% Making It Work On The Lot. Treatment Plants Are Common On Small Lots And Sites With High Water Tables And Homes With Big Design Flows.

Gravity VS Pumps. The Main Factor In The Switch From Gravity To Pressure Systems Is Equal Distribution. Un-like Gravity, Equal Distribution Is Achieved Every Time The Pump Turns On, This Spreading Out Of The Effluent Is The Best Way To Maximize The Life Span Of A System, Preventing The Majority Of Root Intrusion Problems That Plague Gravity Systems And Lead To Premature Failure. Also The Chances Of Hydraulically Over-Loading The Soil Which Alters And Damages The Soil Shortening The Life Span Of A System And Its Ability To Drain Effluent Efficiently Is Reduced With A Pump System. These Are Just Some Of The Many Reasons Gravity Systems Have Become A Thing Of The Past.

Power-Outages, All Pump Systems Are Designed With Power Outages In Mind. We Set The Level In The Pump Chamber Low To Allow For This. The Septic Tank Will Also Have Overflow Capacity. The Over Flow Capacity On Most Systems Is In The Hundreds Of Gallons. The Other Thing To Consider Is That Only So Much Water Can Be Used During An Outage As There Is No Power To The Home.

DJ'S Mini Excavating Has Been Installing Systems For Over 30 Years , We Have Completed Thousands Of Septic Systems In Greater Victoria. Currently There Are Between 26 And 27 Thousand Systems In The Capitol Region With 400-600 New Systems Installed Every Year, Though There Are Homes Connected To New Sewer Systems. The Number Of Septic's Seems To Slowly Climb Or Maintain Itself.

We Are Known To Take On The Toughest Of Septic Jobs In Our Region That Others Walk Away From. We Are Proud To Offer Our Services At Competitive And Fair Rates. At DJ'S We Install   40-50 New Systems Every Year, We Install Septic Systems For New Construction Homes, Addition's And Upgrades To Homes As Well As Repairs And Replacements For Existing Homes And Businesses.

If Your A Builder Or Home Owner Looking For A Professional Septic Contractor Look No Further, You Can Trust In Our Team To Exceed Your Expectations. We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

 Email:     Office # 250 478 1403

See Some Examples Of Our Work Below Or Check Out Our Gallery To See More


sand mound septic system
Septic Systems: About
drip irrigation septic system

Type 2 Drip Irrigation system, installed in North Saanich in 2021

Looking for a licensed Septic Contractor? You’re in the right place. We’ve been working in Victoria since 1989. No matter what you need, We deliver top quality work at Competitive prices. Contact us today to find out more.

Septic Systems: Welcome

Engineered Type 1 Sand mound system in Metchosin 2020

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

This is a great example of equal distribution using pressurization with a pump. Equal distribution is key to the longevity of any system. Also this is a great example of what these types of systems look like underground and how they operate, something most people never see.

septic system in victoria bc
new septic tanks

Complete septic system Replacement, Langford 2020

Customized to Your Preferences

Septic systems Generally last 25-30 years. If your homes system is experiencing slow draining, back-ups, soft spots on your lawn or an effluent break out. these are all sign your system could need replacing. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Septic field replacement on a challenging site. Highlands 2019

Attention to Detail Guaranteed

Working on steep slopes and challenging sites is our specialty. Due to our experience of over 30 year and know-how, we offer this service at an extremely competitive rate while not compromising on a quality finish. Get in touch to learn more.

septic system
Septic Systems: Services

Septic Tanks, Treatment Plants and Pump Chambers

Concrete vs Plastic

When it comes to septic tanks and Pump Tanks everybody has their preference. Generally speaking concrete tanks can last upwards of 40+ years when installed properly and are usually cheaper than plastic tanks. The down side being you can't always get a delivery crane truck to where that tank needs to go due to access issues, slopes, unstable ground and over-head obstacles to name a few. This is when plastic tanks become necessary and why they are so popular for repairs and upgrades and even some new construction homes and businesses. Good quality Plastic Septic Tanks and Pump Chambers that have been installed properly can last upwards of 30-40+ years and are more resistant to cracking. The down side being if a plastic tank has been installed in a high water table it should not be pumped out during the wet months of the year to prevent implosion and or floating, out of the ground. The same could be said about concrete tanks though this is less likely but still possible. The Aeration style Treatment Plants that we install are made of high-quality fiberglass and resins these tanks can last upwards of 40 years. We prefer to install these types of treatment plans over a "media" style treatment methods, the aeration plants are easier to maintain and cost less to maintain in the long run while putting out a consistent quality of effluent for decades. These plants may cost a bit more upfront but defiantly pay off in the long run.

septic tanks, treatment plant
Septic Systems: About

Septic Maintenance in the Capitol Region

CRD Website Link For Septic Info

Starting May 31 , 2005 only a registered practitioner can carry out maintenance , installation or design of a septic system .

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Septic Systems are an important Wastewater Treatment option for homeowners in the Capital Region .

Also known as Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems , they provide household disposal of wastewater where sewers are unavailable or too expensive . Currently , septic systems serve about 26, 000 households in our region .

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Homeowners with Type 1 Systems

- homeowners with Type 1 systems (septic tanks) are to be pumped out every five years .

did you know ?

Homeowners with Type 2 or 3 Systems

Owners of Type 2 or Type 3 systems, usually involving a treatment plant , and are required to maintain their system according to the maintenance plan for

the system , and ensure it is maintained by a certified maintenance tech .

Rules and Regulations in British Colombia

Check out These Links For Specific Rules and Regulations in BC As is Written In Law.

Standard Practice Manual Version 3

Sewerage System Regulations

Septic Systems: Services
Septic Tanks System Installing


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